David A. Marshall

17 Indian Hollow Rd

Chesterfield, MA 01012-9715

(413) 296-4449

Email: marshall@cs.umass.edu

Online portfolio: www.cs.umass.edu/~marshall/portfolio.html        





Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, 1992-94

   Master of Fine Arts.(MFA) -Painting 

   Studied with Lennart Anderson, Lois Dodd, Bill Williams


The Art Students League of New York, New York, NY, 1991-2

   Studied with Peter Cox, Harvey Dinnerstein, David Leffel, Daniel Dickerson, Gustav Rehberger


Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, 1989-91         

   Studied with Paul Rahilly, Ed Stitt, Alvin Ouellet, Arnold Trachtman


Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, 1980-85

   Bachelor of Science (BS).  Applied Mathematics/Computer Science



1991/2 John Sloan Merit Scholarship (Art Students League)

1993 Recipient of Charles G. Shaw Memorial Scholarship (Brooklyn College)

1995 Northampton Center for the Arts “Best Emerging Artist”

1995 Northampton Center for the Arts “Second Prize for best in show”

1997 Northampton Center for the Arts “Words & Pictures Museum Award”


Gallery Representation


Southport Harbor Gallery                                               Oxbow Gallery

656 Harbor Rd                                                              783 Pleasant St

Southport, CT., 06490                                                    Northampton, MA 01060

www.Southportharborgallery.com                                  www.oxbowgallery.com


Gross McCleaf Gallery

127 S 16th St

Philadelphia, PA, 19102




First Street Gallery                                                        Wm Baczek Fine Arts  

New York, NY, 10001                                                   Northampton, MA        



Cannondale Gallery                                                        Ute Stebich Gallery

Wilton, CT                                                                    Lenox, MA


Related Work Experience


University of Massachusetts computer science department (1998 – present): Research software architect in educational technology

I have made contributions to curriculum of following classes/courses:

  • 1998-2000:– AnimalWatch Math tutoring: Springfield Elementary Magnet School, Deerfield Elementary School, Hadley Elementary School
  • 2000: OWL (Online Web Learning) module in chemistry for UMASS first level Chemistry course (Vining, B –instructor) , module for collaborative project in dialog transcription for UMASS Communications course (Nelson, C, instructor)
  •  2001: Lecture on Unified Modeling Techniques: UMASS software engineering course (Fisher, D. -  instructor)
  • 2003-5: Rashi - Inquiry Learning modules in medicine: UMASS biology (Goodenough, J. - instructor), Hampshire College (Bruno, M. – instructor)
  • 2002-05: Wayang Outpost- SAT Preparation tutoring- Deerfield High School, Springfield High School


Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA: Painting from Life (substitute)                     1997

Guild Studio School, Northampton, MA:  led figure painting sessions                             1995-96

Brooklyn College, studio monitor/TA                                                                             1994

Art Student’s League, monitor for Peter Cox                                                                 1991-92


Computer Experience


Over 20 years experience working as a software developer including 7 years experience building web applications.  Extensive background on various machines including Mac OSX and MS Windows.  Adept with Java, Javascript, HTML, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop, various painting software, QuickTime, Flash, XML, .NET, C#, C++, SQL, MS Office

Websites I designed/maintain:

Oxbow Gallery

Lennart Anderson Web Museum




Arroyo, I., Beal, C. R., Bergman, A., Lindenmuth, M., Marshall, D., Woolf, B. P. (2003), Intelligent Tutoring for high-stakes achievement tests, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. IOS press


Murray, T., Woolf, B., Marshall, D. (2003). Toward a generic architecture and authoring tools supporting inquiry learning, Artificial Intelligence and Education, Eds. Ulrich Hoppe, Felisa Verdejo and Judy Kay, IOS press, Netherlands, Conference in Sydney, Australia., 2003, pp 488-490


Murray, T., Bruno, M., Woolf, B., Marshall, D., Mattingly, M., Wright, S. & Jellison, M. (2003). A Coached Learning Environment for Case-Based Inquiry Learning in Human Biology. Proceedings of E-Learn 2003. Phoenix, Arizona, November 2003


Woolf, B. P., Marshall, D., Mattingly, M., Lewis, J., Wright, S., Jellison, M & Murray, T. (2003). Tracking student propositions in an inquiry system. In U. Hoppe, F. Berdeho & J. Kay, (Eds.) Artificial Intelligence in Education, Proceedings of AIED 2003, World Conference, IOS Press, pp. 21-28,

Winner of best paper prize.


Murray, T., Woolf, B. & Marshall, D. (2004). Lessons Learned from Authoring for Inquiry Learning: A tale of three authoring tools. The International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Brazil


Sammons, J., Murray, D., Woolf, B., Murray, T., Marshall, D. (2004). Inquiry-Based Electronic Field Trip Modules, Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. Inspiring First-Rate Research through Undergraduate Teaching: A Special Session in Honor of John B. Reid Jr.


Murray, T., Rath, K., Woolf, B., Marshall, D., Bruno, M., Dragon, T. & Kohler, K. (2005). Evaluating Inquiry Learning through Recognition Based Tasks, International Conference on AIED, Amsterdam


Marshall, D, Dragon, T. Woolf, B, (2006) Coaching Within a Domain-Independent Inquiry–Learning Environment, submitted to The International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Taiwan


Exhibition Record

Oxbow Gallery, Northampton, MA, group show                                                   Dec 05

SUNY – Suffolk County Community College, (two person show)                         Oct/Nov 05

Gross McCleaf Gallery, group shows                                                                  summer 2005

Oxbow Gallery – Northampton, MA, group show                                                Apr/Dec 2004

Forbes Library – Northampton, MA, one person show                                         Jan 2004

Southport Harbor Gallery, Southport, CT                                                             1999-2005

Mark Twain Library, Redding,Ct                                                                        Jan 2003

Cummington Art Gallery, Cummington, MA                                                        Mar 2002

First Street Gallery, one person show                                                                  Nov 2001

University of Massachusetts, winner, juried Show, Amherst, MA                         Oct 2001

First Street Gallery, New York, NY                                                                                    May 2001

Southport Harbor Gallery, Southport, CT, group shows                                         1999-2001

Weston Public Library, one person show                                                             Apr 1999

First Street Gallery, one person show                                                                  Jan1999

Wm Baczek Gallery, Northampton, MA                                                              Apr 1998

Wilton Public Library, one person show                                                              Jan 1998

Cannondale Gallery, one person show                                                                 Oct 1997

Gallery X, New Bedford, MA                                                                            Mar 1997

Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA                                           Mar 1997

First Street Gallery, one person show                                                                  Jan 1997

Mark Twain Library, Redding,Ct                                                                        Jan 1996,1997

Ute Stebich Gallery,Lenox, MA                                                                         1996-1998

Cannondale Gallery, Wilton,CT                                                                           1996-1998

Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA                                           Jul 1995

First Street Gallery, New York, NY                                                                                          Jul 1995

Tribeca 148 Gallery, New York, NY one person show                                         June 1994

Gallery X, New Bedford, MA                                                                            May 94- Oct 91

Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY                                                Jul-Aug 1992

Salmagundi Club, New York, NY                                                                       May 1992

Katherine Hamill Gallery, Chatham, MA                                                             Jul-Aug 1991

Bachman Information Systems, Burlington, MA  solo show                                  Jul-Aug 1991




·         Lennart Anderson, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Art Brooklyn College: 877 Union St, Brooklyn, NY, 11215, 718-638-7999

·         Severin Haines, professor - art, University of Massachusetts, 508-993-4996, shaines@umassd.edu

·         Rick Brazill, ex-professor - art, Brooklyn College, 718-624-2958, rick.brazill@verizon.net

·         Merle Bruno, professor - biology– Hampshire College, 413-559-5414, mbruno@hampshire.edu,

·         Beverly Woolf, professor – computer science – Umass, 413-545-4265. bev@cs.umass.edu

·         Tom Murray, research scientist educational tech- UMass, (413) 529-2120, tmurray@cs.umass.edu

·         Toby Dragon, UMass grad student that I supervise, 413-253-0464 dragon@cs.umass.edu