David A. Marshall

17 Indian Hollow Rd.

Chesterfield, Ma 01012

(413) 296-4449






B.S. Applied Mathematics/Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University 1985. Also CS grad work at C-MU and University of Colorado Boulder


M.F.A Painting, Brooklyn College, 1995


Hardware and Software Familiarity

Object oriented programming in Java (including Swing, AWT, applets, servlets, JDBC, and other important APIs), C# .NET, Macromedia Flash/Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Gimp, Painter, HTML, C++, LISP, C, PASCAL XML, XSL, Rule-based programming (OPS5, JESS), SQL, MS Office, Windows, Mac OSX, Apache Web Server, Sun Workstations, UNIX, VMS, AIX, SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, SYBASE



Software Architect, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Computer Science Dept., Center for Knowledge Communication, 1998 present


Responsible for the development of web and desktop applications for delivering educational content.


Job duties include: managing small groups of software developers, designing and implementing software, contributing to research papers and proposals, budgeting and scheduling, assessment of hardware/software products, investigating new research directions, collaborating with researchers or instructors in other disciplines at other institutions, gathering requirements and negotiating with off-site customers and clients.

Links to overviews with snapshots:

     Animal Watch, Wayang Outpost, Rashi

    Rashi Art History

Projects I managed:

  • Designed, implemented and managed the production of a 4th/5th grade math tutor (AnimalWatch http://sophia.cs.umass.edu/AWE/whatisaw.php3) used in Deerfield, Hadley and Springfield public schools.
  • Designed and implemented a training system for employees at Cabletron, Inc. The software (Wise tutor) provide a trainee with a Fuji CP-IV board construction simulator and a tutor that helped them diagnose and troubleshoot common problems that arise in its operation. Worked on-site with the customer to identify software requirements and test the software.
  • Made various contributions to the UMass Owl Project. Owl is a web-based homework system used across the university by thousands of students. Built an Owl collaboration system that provides students with web-based assignments that require submission of essays or lab assignments. Grading of the assignment is performed by student peers as well as instructor.
  • Architected and implemented a web-based tutoring system for geometry SAT preparation (Wayang Outpost http://wayang.cs.umass.edu). Managed a small group of programmers and grad students working in Flash and Java.
  • Architected and implemented an inquiry-based learning environment (Rashi screen shot: http://catnip.cs.umass.edu/RashiSnap.jpg , project description: http://ccbit.cs.umass.edu/rashihome) Managed a group of undergrad/grad students, staff programmers, and consultants in the construction of software built in Director, Flash, and Java. Initiated and developed relationships with teachers in other universities and colleges. Oversaw deployment of software into classrooms. The system tutors college students in various aspects of geology, forestry, and biology.



Professional Artist (Painter), 1995 present


This is a second career that I have pursued since 1984. I have shown in various galleries in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Currently represented by Oxbow Gallery Northampton, MA and Southport Harbor Gallery, Southport, CT. (work online at www.grossmccleaf.com www.oxbowgallery.com, www.southportharborgallery.com, www.firststreetgallery.net/marshall.html, and http://catnip.cs.umass.edu/gallery/ )



Software Consultant, Independent Contractor, Western Mass and Conn 1992 1998


Worked as an independent contractor to the following companies.


United Healthcare Inc., Hartford, CT 1998

Buxton & Dopp Inc., Chicopee, MA 1996-1997



Construction Worker, Western MA 1995-96


Worked as a carpenter, stone mason and landscaper on a several home construction projects



Software Consultant, NYC 1992-1995


Developed software to support bond trading analysis in fixed income research departments of the following companies:


Salomon Brothers Inc., NYC 1994-1995

Lehman Brothers Inc., NYC 1993-1994

Dillon Read Company, NYC 1992-1993



Senior Software Engineer, Bachman Information Systems Inc., 1987-1991


Developed CASE (computer aided software engineering) products for enhancing, maintaining, and migrating database designs. This was in a start-up company environment.


         Sole developer and maintainer of multiple releases of two Bachman products: Bachman Capture for IMS and Bachman Capture for COBOL.

         Maintained and organized multiple releases of the Bachman DBA for IDMS product.

         Contributed to the development of the Bachman DBA for DB2 product.



Associate Engineer, Martin Marietta Corp., AI Lab - Denver Aerospace, 1984-1987


         Designed and implemented a Prolog interpreter on a 16 processor BB&N Butterfly machine using parallel programming techniques for pattern matching and backward chaining.

         Designed and implemented an expert system shell (HAPS) using RETE pattern match algorithm. The tool was used by many MMC divisions developing expert systems.


Research programmer, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1983-1984


         Worked with CMU professors (Elaine Kant and Allan Newell) on research project in automatic programming and automatic algorithm design. Designed experiments, wrote software, specified systems.








A Study of Parallel Programming on the Butterfly, Marshall D., and Raney S., Martin Marietta Tech Rept., 1986


An Investigation of Parallelism in Rule-based Systems, Proceedings of the Army Research Office Workshop on Future Directions in Computer Architecture and Software, Raney S., Marshall D., Charlestown, SC, 1986


Tracking Student Propositions in an Inquiry System, AIED2003 Conference, Beverly Park Woolf, David Marshall, Matthew Mattingly, Joshua Lewis, Sean Wright, Michael Jellison, Tom Murray, Sydney, Australia , 2003, Winner: Best Paper Prize


Lessons Learned from Authoring for Inquiry Learning: A tale of three authoring tools,

Murray, T., Woolf, B., Marshall  D., International Conference on Intelligent tutoring systems, Brazil, 2004


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