David A. Marshall

18 East St.

Chesterfield, MA 01012

(413) 296-4449






Carnegie- Mellon University ,  Pittsburgh , PA  

B.S. Applied Mathematics/Computer Science



Brooklyn College , Brooklyn , NY

M.F.A. Painting  



University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA



 expected June 2012




Hardware and Software Familiarity


Course Management Systems:  Moodle, OWL

Programming Languages: Java (incl Swing, JSP, JSTL, servlets, J2EE, JDBC, Lucene, graphics),  Python, PHP, C#,C++,C, Flash, Lisp, Jess, OPS5

Technologies: AJAX, GWT, SQL, XML, HTML, UML, Apache, Tomcat, CVS

Software: Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Dreamweaver/Fireworks, MS Office

Databases: MySQL, MS SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase

OSs: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX






Software Engineer, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Computer Science Dept.                   1998 - present

         Center for Knowledge Communication                                           


Develop web and desktop applications for del ivering educational content. Manage small groups of software developers, including graduate and undergraduate students.  Design and implement software, contributing to research papers and proposals. Manage budget and scheduling of projects. Assess hardware/software products, investigating new research directions.  Collaborate with researchers and instructors in various disciplines at other institutions. Negotiate with off-site customers and clients. Overviews and screenshots of projects available at http://chinacat.cs.umass.edu/ckc


Managed and/or contributed to the following projects:

  • Animal Watch (funded by NSF), a 4th/5th grade math tutor (http://chinacat.cs.umass.edu/animalWatch   
  • Wise Tutor (funded by EDC corp and FIPSE), a training system for employees at Cabletron, Inc. This software provides a trainee with a Fuji CP-IV board construction simulator and a tutor which uses common failure scenarios and a diagnostic system to help guide troubleshooting of common problems that arise in its operation. (http://www2.edc.org/WISE)
  • UMass OWL, an e-learning system used across the university by thousands of students. Customized and extended functionality of system (http://owl.oit.umass.edu). 
  • Wayang Outpost (funded by NSF and US Dept of Ed), a web-based tutoring system for geometry SAT preparation. Architected and implemented (http://wayangoutpost.com).  
  • Rashi (funded by NSF & Hampshire College), an inquiry-based learning environment that tutors college students in various aspects of geology, forestry, and biology (http://centerforknowledgecommunication.com/40rashi.html & http://chinacat.cs.umass.edu/rashi/giorgione-tempest ).  Currently incorporating collaborative learning paradigms into the software.
  • Math Forum (funded by NSF), Redesigned user interface of a large online archive of math problems developed by Drexel University, and increased adaptivity toward individual users (http://mathforum.org/pow/ ).
  • DMT, a general-purpose tutoring engine/authoring environment in AJAX/GWT technology, used to author problems and tutoring content for Math Forum and Wayang Outpost.
  • Formality: (funded by US Dept of Education) (http://4mality.org) A tutor for MCAS preparation in 4th grade math


Adjunct Instructor, Smith College, Computer Science Department                                                Spring 2007

                                         Deerfield Academy                                                                                                                       2008

                 Introduction to Computer Science


Professional Artist (Painter)                                                                                                 1995 - present


A second career pursued since 1984 (http://davidmarshall.us).  Currently represented by Oxbow Gallery



Software Consultant, Independent Contractor                                                                         1992 - 1998


  • United Healthcare Inc., Hartford, CT                 1998
  • Buxton & Dopp Inc., Chicopee, MA                  1996-1997
  • Salomon Brothers Inc., New York, NY              1994-1995
  • Lehman Brothers Inc., New York, NY               1993-1994
  • Dillon Read Company,  New York, NY              1992-1993



Senior Software Engineer, Bachman Information Systems Inc.,  Burlington, MA                           1987 - 1991


Developed CASE (computer aided software engineering) products for enhancing, maintaining, and migrating database designs in a start-up company.


·         Bachman Capture for IMS and Bachman Capture for COBOL  Sole developer and maintainer.

·         Bachman DBA for IDMS  Maintained and organized multiple releases.

·         Bachman DBA for DB2  Maintained and developed.



Associate Engineer, Martin Marietta Corp., AI Lab - Denver Aerospace,  Denver, CO                 1984 - 1987


Sole developer of artificial intelligence programming environments:


·         Parallel Prolog, a Prolog interpreter on a 16 processor BB&N Butterfly machine. 

·         HAPS, an expert system shell, used by many MMC divisions developing expert systems. 


Research Programmer, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA                                              1983 - 1984


Worked with C-MU professors (Elaine Kant and Allan Newell) on research project in automatic programming and automatic algorithm design.  Designed experiments, wrote software, specified systems.








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Available upon request.