David Marshall: Educational Software Systems

Resume (HTML)

Snapshots and explanations of software projects below (except Wise Tutor and Formality) (PDF)


Links to projects I have contributed to or overseen at UMass Center for Knowledge Communication  

I was a primary designer and developer on all the projects listed below:


AnimalWatch: A Math Tutor that engages 4th and 5th graders in solving word problems and learning about endangered species.

Wise Tutor

Wise Tutor:  A tutor that trains employees in the operation and troubleshooting of the Fuji chip insertion machine.  I designed and built this tutoring system.  The user interface provides a simulation of the machine, a suite of training scenarios of common failures, and assistance to the student in diagnosing common problems

OWL e-learning environment

OWL: UMass e-learning software.   Used by many thousands of students and in many college and corporate settings.


Wayang Outpost SAT/MCAS tutor

Wayang Outpost:  SAT/MCAS math preparation.  A highly visual and stylized web-based tutoring system that helps students prepare for high-stakes tests.


Rashi Inquiry Learning Environment

Rashi: Inquiry Based Learning Environment:  An environment for students to practice using inquiry learning techniques.  The system allows instructors to develop modules in any domain.  Currently we have medicine,epidemiology,geology,forestry and art history.  Here are screen shots from the art history module


The Math Forum is a large web site built and maintained by Drexel University.  It is a service provided to schools nation-wide.  Students in various grade levels access the web site and have a choice of working on a "problem of the week" (POW) or a problem from a large archive.  The POW problems provide students (that pay a subscription fee) with human assistance in solving the problem.  Archived problems provide no such assistance other than revealing the correct answer.  UMass is reworking a portion of the web site so that students in geometry can get help solving archived problems from a computer tutor (screen shot 1, screen shot 2).  Students' histories are maintained so that the archived problems are tagged with difficulty levels specific to a particular student.


DMT Quiz Authoring tool and Tutoring engine

A Math Forum geometry problem running in the DMT engine

The DMT tool is a solution to some of our scaling problems in Wayang Outpost (WO).  In WO each problem and its associated hints is built in Flash.  Because a problem can take many steps and because the hints contain animations (sweeping angles, moving text, etc), it requires a trained Flash developer to build a new problem for the system.  It also requires an inordinate amount of time.  

The DMT author allows an untrained person to build a problem for Wayang Outpost (or for any other system - we are currently using it in the Math Forum project above).  The person creates images and HTML text that defines the problem and hints.  The tutoring engine renders the problem and its hints with a little bit of AJAX so that full page reloads are not necessary when moving from one hint to the next.


Formality Math Tutor for 4th grade MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) Math



A web based tutoring system used in school systems in Massachusetts to prepare students for MCAS.