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AnimalWatch is a tutoring system that takes 4th and 5th grade students on a virtual field trip. They learn to use math for practical purposes.
The system includes machine learning algorithms for customizing the system's behavior to individual student needs.

This is a set of screenshots taken from a session of a student using the AnimalWatch tutoring system.  Students use the system to go on a virtual field trip.  They may go on a boat ride to learn about whales, travel to China to help save Panda bears, or go to Borneo to learn about Tahki horses,


Here the system helps the student add some large numbers and helps with the carrying of 10s.


Here the student is given a multiplication problem that also involves graph interpretation

Below the student is given some help in performing multiplication. Students work with a set of manipulable colored blocks and rods that are similar to what they use in the classroom.


Below we see the introduction of fraction concepts. Students learn to identify
fractions of a larger group.


Below the student is given visual help in adding two simple fractions.

Below the student drags the red sections down into the area below to form the sum.


Below a student can adjust the number of divisions of the red bars until a suitable number
evenly covers both fractions


Once the student has a common denominator the system helps him add
the new fractions together.


Below the student is given a tool that help them find the least common multiple of two numbers
(part of finding a common denominator).

Subtraction of fractions